Loch Venachar House

Private Client

Simon Winstanley Architects

3b construction

The house is conceived as a single storey radial plan with three wings:  garage, bedroom, and living pivoting around the entrance hall.  With privacy and shelter in mind, a high stone wall defines an entrance courtyard formed by the two wings of the garage and bedrooms.  The third wing of the living area is orientated south at an angle to enclose the garden on the lochside and to address the views of the loch.

Each roof is cantilevered and appears to 'float', which strengthens the horizontal image of the house.  The standing seam zinc roofs of the wings are set at an angle around the flat roofed entrance hall to animate the roofline.

The walls are finished in sandstone rubble up to window height with natural weathered horizontal cedar weatherboarding finish used above the sandstone.  Aluminium clad, triple glazed timber has been used for the windows.

A sustainable, low energy approach was taken comprising of super-insulation of floors, walls and roofs, a high level of air tightness, whole house heat recovery ventilation, underfloor heating using an air source heat pump, and a wood burning stove as supplementary heating.  All methods undertaken to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs of the living accommodation.

“I really enjoyed working with them, they are forward thinking and have
all the skills and trades in-house.”

Simon Winstanley
Director, SW Architects

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