Transport Hire

3b construction offers an extensive fleet of modern highly specified vehicles. We are experts in transport, logistics and project management and can supply and successfully deliver on the most challenging of projects. All our drivers are experienced and highly trained to provide you with the best possible service. Onsite visits are available if required and our transport services complement our crane hire department to offer an excellent lift and shift service.

Our fleet includes artics for heavy haulage up to 150 tonnes, flat trailers, trombone trailers, extendible stepframe trailers, 4 and 6 axle extendible low loader trailers for specialist and heavy haulage, 6 x 2 and 8 x 2 ‘hiab’ trucks with 3 axle drag trailers featuring cranes up to 53te per meter and 8 wheel 32 tonne tippers with rock, muck and tar bodies.

Our recent investments include our 150 tonne heavy haulage unit and 6 axle Nooteboom trailer along wtih a further Scania 8 x 2 crane truck featuring a 53te per metre Palfinger crane and 3 axle drag trailer.

Articulated Vehicles and Trailers

Heavy haulage units up to 150 tonnes

6 x 2 artics up to 70 tonnes

6 x 2 artics up to 44 tonnes

45′ flat trailers

45′ tombone trailers extending to 70′

54 tonne stepframe low loader trailers with hydraulic ramps

44 tonne stepframe low loader trailers with ramps (extendible trailer)

4 axle special types low loader trailers up to 75 tonnes

6 axle power steered stepframe special types trailers up to 115 tonnes

Truck Mounted Cranes

    8 x 2 ‘hiab’ trucks with 53te per metre Palfinger cranes, beaver tail body and beaver tail 3 axle trailers

    6 x 2 ‘hiab’ trucks with 34te per metre Fassi cranes and beaver tail body


8 x 2 tippers – alloy tar body

8 x 2 tippers – muck/aggregate steel body

8 x 2 tippers – rock body